We had such a blast in Tennessee with the “shoe fam.”  It was sort of a last minute adventure but worked out perfectly and we were so grateful to get away as a family (the warmer weather and mountains helped too).  Vacay with others who understand the tribulations and the joys of small ones and are also heard muttering “we got to get home for nap time” just makes everything so easy. It helps that we also adore them and they are family.

Our first stop in Tennessee was to see dear friends who we met on a small island far, far away. They are back in the U.S. too and we had to see them. The kids have all gotten so big while we lived on different continents but everything fit together perfectly and we cherished this time with our tribe..

a little chilly our first day in TN but Evy does not let that stop her from charming her way into other’s clothes.

We had to hit some touristy stuff and go-karts was on the top of the list

but some little boys were not allowed….

as you can see Abishai took that news well.

Evy asked Auntie to take a “selfer” with her…..adorbs.

Because of aforementioned nap times we actually spent most afternoons just hanging around the cabin and this was NO hardship because of the copious amounts of snacks, hot tub, and mountain views. There was tons of cousin hang out time.

which at times was a little wild

um, also movies everyday and popcorn in bed because VACAY!!

Everyone got in on the hot tubbin’ too.

And these girls finished an entire book in 2 days. That is what vacay is all about.

these boys…I mean…seriously how cute are they?

This photo also serves as proof that in addition to Frozen marshmellow cereal and Doritoes we did eat some fruit this week.

We headed into Gatlinburg a few times and you know what is open before any of the other shops? The fresh donut shop…I think it was a sign.

just cuzzies sharing a donut

We each allowed our girls to have 10$ to spend on anything they wanted that week and Emma decided to buy candy for everyone. SO sweet!!

and…the best stank face award goes to….. Claire (far right!) These girls. I die.

We also did a morning hike to Laurel Falls. And after a few initial grumblings the kids all did great. Cannot wait until more hiking is possible!

A huge highlight was that we alternated days to take date days! When we had the kids we had a dance party (obvious choice) with a custom Party-Hut What What playlist. There also exists a video including Jason getting in on the dance party that I have promised to deny all knowledge of (hereafter obviously) and never post on social media. I was laughing so hard watch the cousin enjoy their time together so much.  It is a blessing to be closer to family for this time.

For our date we drove through the mountains, listened to podcasts with no one screaming or throwing fruit snacks at my head (I highly recommend this), and took in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

And dipping your toes in rushing mountain water is as awesome as it sounds.

Then we hit the town for moonshine tasting, music, hot sauce pepper tasting, dinner, and lazy walking and talking.

But all vacations come to an end.

This life of ours is pretty great. Even on the hard days. Grateful for a chance to get away together and just enjoy each other and creation. These times are a special gift and I’m grateful. Hope your spring break was amazing,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Great pics… the ones of the boys – specifically naked butts and the ones in their high chairs are my faves! xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my word those pics of the boys are too awesome! All your pics are amazing Rox and those ones of the girls together are too beautiful. Love it!Can't wait to have you do pics sometime of our fan (maybe once Noah gets better and grows some hair back!).

  3. Anonymous says:

    How fun to see this glimpse into your fun family vacay! The photos are awesome of the cousins/grandkids! Looks like a pretty special week. I'd love to do that with ALL the family again sometime!