We just returned from a fabulous five days in Tennessee. We saw dear friends from a little island that only a handful of people know, breathed deep the mountain air, played with cousins everyday, and took a break from the daily norm. It was so recharging and special and a gift. A dear gift. Our hearts are full. We are grateful.

Tons of photos to edit but for now I just had to post the road trip pictures because 10+ hours in a minivan with our 3 children made us a bit delirious.  Driving with Abishai is not for the faint of heart. But we made it back and I’m knee deep in laundry and need to remember how to cook but let’s be honest I am just not feeling reality so instead I will stay up late and look at these images and remind myself that I am blessed.

and because of this….

there were lollipops before 9am. Abishai:1, parents:0. Whatever is takes man.

We are back and reflecting this Good Friday on Jesus’ sacrifice.  We had family time and lit candles and read The Word and the girls’ both cried thinking of what Jesus had to endure.
It is finished.  We eagerly await Easter morning.
More on Tennessee soon,