I love a great story- and you friend are living one! I am a  Mama of 4 who is passionate about following Jesus and  being intentional in raising our kids, an MS warrior who fights for joy in my struggle, I value learning from and with people from around the world, love hooking people up with easy vegan beauty routines that actually deliver results, and helping women create lives that are abundant. As an entrepreneur I want to help others create a business on their terms keeping first things first. Life is a beautiful mess & living vulnerably with confidence & sharing everyday inspiration is my jam.  It’s a blessing to be invited into people’s lives & I am so grateful you are here! 

I'm so grateful you stopped by.        Welcome!

you can call me Roxi!

Most days you can find me kid wrangling while dancing in our kitchen, with a camera in hand being a hype woman on a session, or having coffee and talking deep things of life. I’m a wife, mama, friend, storyteller, entrepreneur, & mentor, 
I value being FOR one another. There is nothing more important to me than allowing others to see & embrace their created beauty & to celebrate that with them. 
I’m obsessed with travel, spicy food, learning from others, & finding work that fits into my life and allows me to keep 1st things 1st. I’d rather be on a sandy beach than that snow covered mountain. I love Jesus & shaking what my mama gave me.
I frequently order all my food at a spice level of painful. & am always up for an adventure I do not believe you have to give up pursuing meaningful work outside your home to be a great Mama.
My best friends would tell you I’m loud & encourage them to step out of their comfort zone while cheering them on. 

i love challenging myself & others while offering encouragement and speaking LIFE! 

I lived and worked overseas for 4 years and when I came home from East Africa I knew I did not want to just go back to the "American way of life"-
I wanted more.  I launched my photography business and pursued messy action & entrepreneurship. I am so grateful I took the leap because I love my work now more than ever! 
My hair was completely busted & I found game changing products. I knew I was going to tell everyone so I decided to partner with Monat (even though at first I was a network marketing hater- SOO glad I was wrong) & create an additional stream of income- 5 years in and I am so grateful I did;
amazing customers I can help & serve, real income, community, personal and business growth, & trips...,UM YES PLEASE!  Now I help others create success on their terms. I offer mentoring in photography and building an additional stream of income 
I’m the kind of person who will remind you that you are capable of more than you currently believe! 

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I'm different

Ilife is beautiful & messy

enjoy street food in Thailand

travel with our family & pop up through the West 

return to East Africa with our 4 kids

swim in the Ganges River in India

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