Last night we celebrated the Holi festival of colors by playing Holi. Last year I was in Bundi, India celebrating and this year the girls and I joined our dear friend Swapna and her son Nirdesh at a Hindu temple near us to celebrate.  It was reminiscent of India not only because of the loud music and colored powder flying everywhere but also because there were so many people!! The girls got their first taste of real Holi complete with some tears when the colors were in their eyes and mouths but like most they decided that the fun out weighs the pain.

We toured the temple and danced until it was dark and the crowd finally thinned out. I’m grateful we can celebrate with friends and are invited to learn more about their culture and faith.  At the end of the night we piled in our van (which still bears the evidence of a colorful and chaotic night) and hit the drive through for way too many chicken nuggets to feed the exhausted and colorful kids and no, there was no hand washing so yes, they ate much color powder.


I’m so grateful for my neighbors and friends who share their lives with us. I count it as blessing and see God in the beautiful people He creates. Happy Holi friends,
Here is a dark iphone video of Anni & Nirdesh playing Holi!

  1. Anonymous says:

    the picture of Nirdesh and the girls is so cute!