Happy Easter friends! Hope your Easter was full of friends, family, celebration, and peace.

We started our weekend with an egg hunt at Cantigny and Abishai was a first timer but caught on right away.

And there was climbing tanks in fancy dresses. Obviously.

Abishai was totally feeling my suggestion for a picture in their cute outfits. Sigh.

A bit better.

But seriously could not get enough of this man looking more like a little boy than a baby.

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner prepared by my mom. She always goes to so much effort to make it a special family time and we appreciate it!! And this picture…that Evy- spicy and sneaky I tell you.

And there are always extra guests and lucky for them Abishai loves sharing.

There were Easter morning goodies before heading to church.

celebrate!! He is risen!!

It was a great morning of baptisms and Annikah read her story of faith.

Thankful for friends and neighbors who joined us for a delicious feast.

“I will tolerate your constant picture taking as long as you do not touch my car.”

These boys in matching chucks. I’m dying.

He freed us from having to live in the fear and death of the old kingdom. He hates the pain and suffering in the world and He came to change it. Forever. “It is finished.” That changes everything. May I live differently this day and each day in the light of His kingdom.


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