J dawg left for 2 weeks in the wee hours on Monday and we miss us some Papa around here. I miss him even more editing these photos of a recent family day spent helping to create a huge Lego city.  It was seriously awesome! And I have an awesome husband who takes the time to play with his kids, love on them, and teach them.
Lego city building was stellar!! just ask Evy!
We placed our skyscraper and it was the TALLEST building…..errr for about 5 minutes. Such is the way in urban architecture. Still the rush two little girls felt was pretty awesome and the finished city with everyone’s buildings filled an entire huge room at a local college.
The family that builds Legos together stays together. Hurry home Papa so we can have more family adventures cuz it just ain’t the same around here without you.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We understand you so good. My Kids are missing his Daddy as well. First week of summer holiday from school and he is off since sunday b/c of work… If we are lucky he might come back today :-)Those days always teach me, that it is a blessing not to be a single parent like so many others around us.Enjoy the time with your girls and with visitors – and soon J will be back!