I’m exhausted but the great kind of exhausted that comes from spending a few days with family, squeezed in our place, non stop activity, seeing the sights, showing them around our city and neighborhood, and spending time as a family.

Two little girls sobbed as we walked to church and had to say goodbye to their cousins. Hearts full and grateful for family that we would want to hang with even if we were not related. I married into an amazing family and watching the cousins together is pure blessing. My nephew Joel asked, “when are moving back to Africa or somewhere else?” I answered probably not for a while since we have this surprise baby and he sighed in relief and said “YES! thank you baby boy!!” So sweet. We missed Jason but had a great few days.  We did up Chicago right yo!
CTA to downtown was a must
The Bean!
crazy faces!
urban prairie girl. And Yes, she wears this bonnet EVERYWHERE!!
dance performers
Joy (and her sunburn…OUCH!) joined us after she finished class
I LOVE this picture. Go Anni!
cousin love. be still my heart.
onto Crown fountains
beautiful city on a summer night.
Zoo day
Taking them to our fav ice cream shop right behind our house for some quality cousin bonding and sugar highs was a must our last night together.  

Dill Fam you are welcome to invade our crib anytime! Yeah for family, memories and summer fun!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome pictures that perfectly captured the highlights of our weekend together. We love you guys and had the best time doing all the fun Chicago stuff and neighborhood things with you. Since we didn't make it to Africa, a visit to your home was long over-due. Much love!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those pictures really captured the joy and fun you all experienced together!! It makes my heart happy to see our kids and grandkids enjoy being together. What a blessing!

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