Today started like any other morning in recent memory with me awakening with a wicked urge to pee and dry heaving and vomiting in a little puke bucket. But it quickly got much better when Jason brought me a bagel and my meds and some thoughtful gifts and special scribbled hand man cards. I was able to celebrate with my two favorite little girls who got me into this whole Mama gig and my awesome husband who has served and loved me even though I am a puke-y whiny mess many days. I am so thankful I am eating more and able to go out and spend time with my family.  I’m still struggling but especially on Mother’s Day it is a reminder of the sacrifice it is to bring children into the world and raise them.  This gig is not all flowers and cards for sure!  And yet it is an amazing privilege and blessing.
 After becoming a Mama I have a new appreciation for my mother and the many women who have loved selflessly and allowed their children to become and make a way in the world. These little people have enriched my journey so much that I cannot imagine life without them.  I’m praying also for my Mom and many others I know and don’t know that do not have their mother with them this year.
obligatory crazy face shot…and what is up with my bizarre sausage tongue?
Me and my Evy Imani lovies and some nosey kisses.
IMG_0197Happy Mother’s Day to all my sisters out there who sacrifice, who love, who die many little deaths joyfully but who would not trade it for anything in the world because it is a rich and beautiful road where we can see our need for Jesus more clearly.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the wonderful pics. Love to see you smile 🙂 And you look so much better – may this continue!!!