Annikah has struggled a bit with reading this year but I am happy to report she is doing great!  We gave her a book reading goal of reading 35 books to her sister and when she reached  that gaol she could chose something fun to do with a friend. She finished her books last week and knew it was all about the Chuck E. Cheese and her friend Zacharias (she has a bit of a crush on him I think know). They each got a little cup-o-coins and had a blast earning tickets and eating pizza. Chuck E. Cheese during the school year AND at lunch is actually not that bad. A friend told us “you just have to lean in the direction the Chuck E. Cheese wind is blowing.” Great advice and we had a great lunch with hyped kids!!
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 082
their drug of choice
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 106
roller coaster ride game…and I could just eat that lil’ Evy Imani face!!
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 114
kickin’ it old school with J-dawg
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 095
always with the tongue out in serious concentration
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 120
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 146
check out all those tickets!! She got a pink blingy necklace in case you were wondering.
So proud of my girls and love every opportunity to celebrate their hard work.


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