Last weekend we joined my parents for a free day at the Brookfield Zoo. It was my goal all week to go and although the drive (espcially the winding and crazy lights of Lower Wacker) almost did me in I was able to hang at the zoo for some much needed fun family time. Lots of breaks to rest but we had a great day! We got spend some of the day with friends that work with my dad. The sunshine and beautiful weather helped me heal for sure.IMG_9835
Evy loved hanging on and going in and out of these ropes in “Africa”
Up close snow leopards “mama, do they want to eat us?”
dolphin watching with Babu
trying to touch the rays at the sting ray pool.  Evy said they are “squishy and yucky”
the highlight was totally searching out the Mold-A-Rama’s to add to our family collection!
Papa snuggles
And the post-zoo crash.

So grateful I am slowly able to join the land of the living again.  I’m still struggling but it is getting better and the girls were so happy I was able to go.  They miss their mama as much as I miss days like this with my family.  Here is to many more days spent together,


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