An open letter to the midline in my arm,

I had to record our last morning together.  I’m sorry to say it I will not miss you. I know you helped me get through the past two months when I honestly felt like I was dying. You were the reason I could leave the hospital and be at home with my family.  I am grateful for the round the clock medication even though I cried about the side effects.  I am so thankful for medical care that does not require a plane or ferry ride or using your second language.  We even stayed infection free you and I!  I appreciate the fluids and help with hydration when I was puking bile. No, I really do. I just want to shower without raising my arm overhead and join life a bit so I am glad we parted ways yesterday.
 I also think Jason is glad to be rid of his job as 24 hour nurse and medical paraphernalia manager. We are tired of this routine and ready to move on. Just look at Anni’s face; she wants her mama to get off the couch and participate in life. So, in faith I am slowly going to rejoin my life already in progress.  I hope and pray I can gain weight this week and never see the likes of you again.
HG, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, WR 155
Pregnancy in the trenches.
Yours respectfully,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved this post. The family picture says it all. Classic. Onward and upward!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love your writing style! ;-)Move on you`re doing great!Still praying for youLove Carina