There was much-a-do about Halloween this year mostly because we are the in US! Going from door to door getting free candy dressed as a ballerina (Good Will comes through yet again) and Ariel (although Evy ended up wearing a Cinderella dress up dress but still insisted she was Ariel- whatevs homegirl!) sure beats knocking on doors of our house in Africa.  Although there was something so special about the quieter, hard fought traditions we kept as a family there too.

Before leaving for the South West we had a family par-tay involving painting and carving pumpkins and yes, family dance party to the monster mash and thriller!
Our ‘hood also had a fabulous little fall fest at a garden store just up the street.  There were games, pony rides (AKA Miss Evy’s happy place), a hay maze, and an animal show and tell.  And the best part: it was all free! Ok, the fo’ reals best part was Annikah got selected to pet the sloth! And we had just read about that animal the week before; yeah, she thought that was rockin.’
on the way to the festival we trick or treated at all the shops along Clark Street and even saw the puppet bike!! Evy was so ecstatic that she got candy at every place and would scream “Papa, look this one!!” It never got old.   Ah, the joys of free high fructose corn syrup wrapped in colourful wrappers.

Anni loved the maze..
Evy….not so much…
The 31st was during our time in the desert and along with some other families we crashed in on a small town festival complete with trick or treating (candy and even glitter at one store!), giant blow up jumpy things (to throw up said candy), costume contests, and hanging with new besties.
Yeah for fall fun and celebrating American (albeit bizarre!) holidays in America.
Hope your sugar high is still keeping you smiling,

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Puppet Bike! Love it. I sell at the Andersonville farmer's market all summer and it is set up on the corner on Clark each week. So cute.Looks like a fun day. 🙂