Now that we are in Chicago (hey it is much closer than Africa to Iowa)  and Jason’s dad is retired (Yeah Babu!) we are looking forward to seeing a whole lot more of Bibi and Babu! They came for a couple days before we fled for the desert and we all celebrated the last Indian Summer day by hitting the Lincoln Park Zoo and walking around the park soaking it in.  I seriously think we said “can you believe this weather!” at least 20 times!  Chicago is beautiful (remind me of this in a few months, k?)
frolicking in the park is the best way to spend an afternoon
the aftermath of a somersault in a frilly dress
Yuck night at the kid’s club Anni attends on Wednesday night was well anticipated and Bibi even got drafted to join.  Luckily she steered clear of eating bananas through pantihose (seriously) and smearing pudding in her hair.  But she still got her silly on (see photographic evidence).
Bibi and Babu also showed us their pictures from Korea and even taught us Gangnam Style.(seriously I can watch the elevator and the hot tub scene a million times and still laugh!)  and yes there now exists a video that will be the stuff of family legends. Bibi & Babu are welcome at our crib any time (especially if they bring their dance moves and hula hoop skills!).

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was certainly the perfect fall day – so much fun!!! Thanks for taking the day off to spend tiie with uS!!