Rockin’ children’s volunteers caring for our kids one afternoon combined with our dear friends and their car meant we made a quick escape to explore a small town near where we were staying.  It was a small little old school mining town turned hippie ‘artsy’ town on top of a hill (a real hill, not the pathetic bumps we call hills in Illinois). We had a blast walking, exploring, and sharing stories.  And I was a happy girl because I could snap photographs along the way (it is amazing what you can do without a toddler on your hip).
I love hippies.  In fact I was so inspired I changed out my tiny nose gem (ok, ok, I lost it) for a real ring.  I am pretty sure I am not cool enough to pull it off but for now it remains. I’m such a dork.
plus, there was “artsy” weird stuff everywhere and we loved it. I found this ‘Jesus of the bath tub’ gem.
We also made sure to find a local coffee dive and enjoy our conversation and caffeine buzz while looking at mountains (and do some irresistible people watching)
We love these folks. Coffee and chatter with friends who understand the inconvience and challenges (our favorite was a  border crossing that nearly resulted in jail time because our friend did the limbo) as well as the rich blessings and amazing opportunities living overseas allows. Makes our weird seem a bit more normal!
A great escape with fellow nomads in a funky little town.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, wish you all lived just a little closer!! Such a great time we had with you….