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We finally made it to a sand bank a rocks throw from our island this Sunday. We have wanted to go for a while now but had not made the time.  Well, no longer and I am sorry we waited to so long to see it!  It is a tiny strip of sand that is only visible at certain tide times so timing our trip was key.
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We really needed the time to run and play and swim and snorkel and and search for shells. We were surrounded by the ocean, birds, fishermen after their daily catch, quiet (except for the happy screams of glee emanating from our brood of 6 kids) and sand. Lots of sand. We joined our team leader’s family in their crazy little blow up boat and after the manly men built it with help from many interested watoto and local folk peering we were off on our adventure. 2012-04-29 sand bank trip.jpgcollage 1.jpgedit
2012-04-29 sand bank trip1.jpgedit
there was some fishing and innovative uses of ziplock bags…..
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oh, and there was lots of bird chasing…
sand bank trip 148.jpgedit
and waving to fishermen…..
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we are grateful for friends…
sand bank trip 237.jpgedit
and family…..
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We got to enjoy this amazing part of His Creation and that was a gift. A perfect Sunday morning worship service if you ask me.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Roxanne,I am so grateful to God for keeping your family intact. Not only intact, but with full recovery. Praise be to God (I have tears in my eyes). How I love you all.Seeing these loving photos of your family loving life, each other, and the gifts God has given us, fills me with much joy and love. I am encouraged to live and love life and to proclaim Him even more than before. Much hugs my dear, lovely friend.