We are still visiting at least one school per week and before the craziness of last week happened we visited a sweet little school not far from home which was very welcome after the last ‘sweaty Wazungu lost all over the island’ school visit.  The head teacher of this school was trained by the head teacher of Annikah’s school and she then started up a small two room nursery school.  I am constantly impressed by how much people here can do with very little.  She rents a house and has painted and decorated two classrooms and has a small kitchen for cooking the tea and another room where she lives; all in the same house.  The kids were so well behaved and excited to show off some of their songs and games for us and we were all too happy to be thoroughly impressed with them.  We also saw some of their crafts, taught them a few new songs, and hung out for a while.  Doro captured some moments of our time in nursery school…..
“I am not sure about all these watoto yet….I think I’ll stay by Mama”
shalom nursery school visit.jpgcollage.jpgedit
I love the decorations and the little sign about cooperation and friendship.  Well said.  The kids were so sweet and listened really well which I completely credit to their fabulous teachers.  Bibi Rhoda….Can you see in the background the circle of friends craft we taught at the seminar? Awesome right? So great to see the teachers sharing and using ideas from the training….makes all the work so worth it! They are multiplying it past what we alone could have done.
On this journey of training teachers I am so aware of how much I am learning from the teachers as we train, encourage, and equip.  As always hanging out with these teachers and kids is a blessing!

Also, more soon about a school make-over that God has provided for….

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing evidence that ideas we shared at the seminar are being used! I would have loved to tag along on these visits.