One week ago was  a day I will never forget nor do I want to.  The support, prayers, and love poured out and lavished on our little family across oceans is humbling and amazing.   God is using this to strengthen and build faith in us and in many who have responded in kindness and compassion.  For this I cannot adequately thank you all.  A friend sent an email that really resonated with me. She said “we can proclaim His goodness through tears of relief rather than tears of sorrow” and that is just about perfect.  As we find out more about the situation we really again and again are discovering just what a miracle God performed.  I think sometimes we in the West are so timid is using that word “miracle” but maybe that is one reason we see so few, because our eyes are shut tight.  We do not use miracle lightly but when human circumstances or efforts can not explain something we are able and should be eager to give credit to The God of the Universe.  God took our family to a place where people in some ways much more readily see and except God’s Hand in their everyday life to teach us more about just how far reaching and amazing His power really is. We have seen miracles here, things that cannot be explained but for the Grace of God.  Things for which we can take no credit and only give honor and glory to God.  I wanted to share some pictures and memories and some more info since many of you have asked.
first night in the hospital…..praying and crying and praying
amazing friend that visited, prayed, brought clothes (“but these are boy clothes” Anni pointed out: we were pretty sure she would make a fully recovery after that sassy comment) and a mini- DVD player.  Her family had been through a traumatic situation and she was able to pray the words we needed that first night.  Their family visited us everyday and even brought us lattes.  Saints I tell you.
Evy’s exit burn on her toe.  Pole little girl! We are doing lots of bandage changes in the land of dust & dirt.  some medical 411: Evy had exit burns on her head (had to have part shaved which was sad for me since more poor kids are bald until they turn two) and on her toe.  Jason has burns on his toes and hands and Anni has one of the top of her foot and some very small ones in between her fingers.  After talking more with our insurance company who were amazing!! Seriously! Especially a woman names Angie who called everyday concerned about our family’s care and researched what tests we needed to ask for to make sure there were no extensive internal burns (She authorized to pay for any and all care and even fly us to South Africa if needed)…yeah, they were awesome!! Such a gift in a stressful time.  We had to demand t the hospital check something called CPK levels tested and for Anni to get a CT scan. Anni’s CT scan showed a slight linear fracture on the top left side of her head that will need to heal (we are supposed to keep her from falling between now and then…yes, not easy!)  and get rechecked in 8-10 weeks as it was a perfect line and should heal fine on its own.  The doctor said if it had been centimeters longs it could have caused real issues.  Their CPK levels were so high that for Evy and Jason they were above 1900 which is considered immeasurable (the range is 26-192) and for Anni it was 1242.  Each day they had blood draws to make sure the levels were decreasing and they showed improvements everyday although still not fully normal (which may take time due to the stress on the heart and muscle tissues)
Hans and J, we cannot express how thankful were are to him for being there with us.
Anni at the ambulance entrance- she did not remember entering but we made sure she would remember leaving after God healing her!
the third day we needed to break free from the hospital room so we just went about 5 minutes away to our old fav chain.  The kids loaded in the Tuk Tuk without shoes but we found some at the stores nearby.
.kony pics, accident, back in Z, butterfly 010.jpgedit
Upon returning to our island I walked in the house with a sleeping Evy in my arms and went to turn the light switch on only to have it SHOCK ME!! Yes, it was a tiny shock but our house helper also got shocked by touching the faucet and J by touching the computer. We soon found out the whole house was electrified because a wire had shorted out and was pressing against the tin roof.  Needless to say it was a bit traumatic again but we were thankful we realized this before we all got in the shower.  We quickly headed outside and called Hans to the rescue and quickly got a fundi over to fix everything. Jason could not sleep the first night back and while laying awake he asked God why He would allow this after such a traumatic event. God really spoke to him that night that this was to further make us know we can trust in God, no matter where we are and even places we think are “safe” are only safe because He ordains it. It was a reminder that Jason did not need to feel any guilt about what happened because there are dangers everywhere and our help comes from Him. Alone.
kony pics, accident, back in Z, butterfly 028.jpgedit
the only signs left of the accident.  Grubby bandages that are changed twice a day.
kony pics, accident, back in Z, butterfly 012.jpgedit
The after noon we arrived home this little butterfly showed up on our porch and would not leave.  It was a vibrant and awesome reminder of the beauty of Life.
video clips I had forgotten I had taken in the hospital….. We are home and we are recovering and worshiping. Thank you again for lifting us and may we all rest in where our true help comes from today, RoxanneSignature

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne-This is Ann Van Zee, we connected briefly when your family returned to the states for Evie's health. I could barely read through your traumatic experience and felt my heart racing, wanting to look away but drawn to your words and your strong faith. Praise Jesus for the smile on your girls' faces (Jason looks very tired but Praise Jesus for his smile, too!) Can I email you? I am not on facebook anymore (long story!) but would love to ask you a couple questions. My email is Of course your schedule is intense right now so take your time- enjoy that beautiful family of yours.Thanks,Ann

  2. Anonymous says:

    More tears…just so thankful God chose to keep you all on this earth…more thankful for no long lasting disability…and just in awe at the mighty hand of the Great Healer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are miracles for sure! I love seeing them smile and dancing to the Lord, and am grateful that they don't seem to remember the pain too much. I know Jason will never forget, but I hope they don't have nightmares. Poor little Evy's toe looks terrible! It is amazing she doesn't seem to have huch pain. Will it heal ok, do the the doctor's think? Katy came to see us this weekend, and I just hugged her because I wanted one of my girls close to hug. After we did Gma's picture boards, we had manicures and pedicures as my Mom's day gift since she won't be here. We told the ladies what had happened to you, and the lady that was doing me just stopped and shivered. The hair on her arms stood up! I told her we had come in before you went to Africa, and she said to come in when you get back with the girls. She escaped VietNam during the war. I'm so glad you have been having some time to just enjoy yourselves as a family, and celebrate God's goodness together. Give my girls a kiss from Bibi!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, the more I read about your experience, the more I thank God for His love and mercy towards your family. This is such a traumatic event, and I am praying that your family can soon find peace, especially your hubby. In my thoughts and prayers.Maria

  5. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne,I can't really think of the words to say, but I am amazed and in awe of you and your wonderful family. With love,Darcie

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am so so thankful you all are OK and alive. Anni and Evy are just so beautiful and precious (Jason, I guess you're pretty cute too), and I can't imagine how scary and intense this whole experience must have been for you all, and the relief upon learning that you all would not only survive, but be completely fine. THANK YOU, Father.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am so so glad you all are OK. Anni and Evy are so beautiful and precious! I hadn't seen any video of either; holy cow! I cannot imagine how scary and emotionally intense this whole episode must have been for you all. And what relief you must have felt upon learning that you all would not only survive, but be completely OK. THANK YOU, Father.