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Every other Friday Evy and I stop in and help out at a local preschool our friend started up a few months back. The watoto are adorable and the two teachers are awesome! They started small and are renting a room in a house and we just had to take Bibi along to check it out. And Miss Annikah may have played hooky to join us because being left out on a trip with Bibi was just not an option. The school is improving each week and they had just had the outside painted and it is looking like a real school. The walk to get there was a bit winding and local for sure but we made it and joined the class for a field trip to the local zoo and park. Anni rode the dala dala with the kids and we loaded into our car and followed them to the zoo. We checked out all the animals but it was the playground that was the big attraction. Bibi was a little shocked when all the kids just walked to the grass to pee especially since Anni as one of them! Bathroom breaks are much easier here šŸ™‚ And of course we could not resist convincing Bibi to take a camel ride before we left. It was a great field trip!

long walk to get to the school…

Bibi had to get a picture of the cows that roam through every neighborhood (I guess we do not think this of “weird” anymore šŸ™‚

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checking out the crocodiles

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feeding the monkeys cookies
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how many watoto does it take to push Miss Evy in her stroller? so sweet
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dressed in their best to check out the zebras…..
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and camel riding in Africa is a must!
More on our adventures with Bibi soon because they are too fab not to share…
  1. Anonymous says:

    Feeding the monkeys cookies! So AFRICAN! No worry of a law suit of this little thing will bite your finger off! Awesome, just stick your finger in there kid! Hilarious I totally love it!