When I found out Rhoda was visiting us I was super excited and my wheels started to turn about how to use her awesome teacher skills! What better way then to host another teacher’s seminar!! The last one was a great success and the teachers wanted more so we hosted 3 days on games and arts and crafts using local materials for the nursery/preschool classroom. I am pretty good at roping folks into helping out here and with the amazing group of teachers I knew Bibi Rhoda would fall in love with them fast. It is a privilege to get to work together with Rhoda, Doro, the teachers, and the staff at Pamoja to make this seminar a great time for all involved. I love collaboration: so much better than anything anyone of us could manage alone. We had 33 teachers this time around (even 2 men) and they all enjoyed learning new ideas for their classrooms. My favorite parts were actually playing the games as they got a bit competitive! Even though we were physically exhausted after the three days we knew it was time well spent investing in these educators. Here’s a peak……

Preparing the teacher’s blessing gifts
who doesn’t love making arts & crafts?
game time…guess what is in the bag
musical chairs without chairs…we are resourceful!! We used sheets of paper
we laughed A LOT!
teaching “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
“Abdulli says”… Simon says but more local flavor šŸ™‚
Bingo…they were SOOOO into this game!
Teacher’s turn to teach us
getting their certificates
checking out their goodies…
It is hard to describe how amazing this work feels to me. Encouraging and learning with teachers is a blessing! I am thankful I get to be a small part of it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How fun! Love the video. Rhoda must be having fun, and seems to be handling the heat fine. I always loved pantomined tug of war with kids.