When Anni heard Bibi had bought her plane ticket a few months back the first thing she asked was “Can she come to my school?” Annikah was so proud that Bibi came and spent the morning teaching at her school. The teachers and students were so excited to have a special guest and welcomed us with many giggles and “Karibu”s. It was a busy morning as we taught every class and Evy insisted on being Bibi’s helper while she read to the kids. The kids had a blast listening to stories, singing songs, playing games, and doing crafts. Special day for them and us!

reading to Anni’s class about Jesus’ miracles
playing “duck, duck, goose” well…”chicken, chicken, rooster” (more common birds here)
This school is a special place for our family and it was awesome to be able to share with Bibi Anni’s school, great teachers, and her dear friends.

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