We have heard that our friends and family in Chicago and Iowa have had some big snow news this past week. Well, us islanders could not be left out! A friend here gave me some of this weird stuff. It is a powder and when you add water it grows and becomes snow! Seriously, looks pretty real. And without the freezing cold or digging out cars from city streets I’d say far superior. We have been learning about weather in Skuli ya Imani and I could not resist showing some island kids what snow is like. They loved it too! I was careful to explain I did not use any witch doctor skills to make it because we learned our lesson with talking Elmo a few years ago. If something is a bit weird people may assume so better to clarify the no witch doctor mojo was used pre-weird stuff. Once everyone understood it was some crazy Wazungu technology we were all good to play in the snow. So here is a few pictures of it snowing on our island….

shule pics 014.jpgedit
shule pics 015.jpgedit
take cover!
shule pics 016.jpgedit
my snow baby….
shule pics 024.jpgedit
now back to our regularly scheduled steamy as always heat wave…….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Never heard the story about Elmo being from a witch doctor. Too funny. We got 8 inches on my birthday of real snow. Gma has been waiting for snow. She loves it, and then when we all had to deal with it, she felt bad for wishing for it so long. Nejari loved using the sled I had gotten for Anni, though.