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Matching dresses are big here. Adults and children alike love getting clothes made that match. Sare! Anni’s best friend Lusi’s Mama made the girls all these dresses for New Years and we decided they needed a day out to show them off so when Jason was on ALL day field trip with a friends school we hit the playground in town. We heard that it was new and improved and the rumors were true! New rides and more food. Needless to say the 6 kids that loaded in our car and joined us were more then pumped.
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new merry-go-round…Evy approves!
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and a new train too!
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little snacking
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and sharing
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everyone was shocked at Miss Evy’s fearless antics because “haogopi kitu” she is not afraid of anything. Yep, that is my big crazy girl!
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Kid good stuff folks.


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