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This morning as we were going about a quiet Sunday morning at home this little guy invited himself in our house as he and his comrades have done many times due to a broken screen on our kitchen door. Usually we can shoo-sh them away fairly quickly but this dude made it all the way to the bedrooms and did not want to vacate the premise. Jason and Evy had quite an adventure in convincing the kuku to get up outta here. This event was clearly the highlight of Miss Evy Imani’s day as exemplified by her animated retelling of the events over and over. I finally had to record her. And for the record Annikah’s response to the chicken getting in and being subsequently chased away was “not again! argh!” A little less enthusiastic for sure. I guess we cannot blame the little kuku since his Mama that we affectionately named KFC was eaten for lunch last week by the family that lives with us. Still, dude has gotta face his fate and live outside. Pole!
And here is Evy’s dramatic retelling assisted by Mama since my girl still only has a few words:
Girl is hilarious, no?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How cute is that little girl? And what a great story teller! I loved what Anni's thought were too. Too funny. I guess Rhoda is almost there by now. Hope you all have a great visit. Can't wait to have you all home again so I can hug all my girls.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She is hilarious and so so cute! Only in Africa…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Watching this, I think Evy and Wesley will get along famously…Ah, Little sibs crack us up!