anni in barbie dress

Last night we through Anni’s Barbie Island Princess party! And it was so fun! And it ended a very busy week (although still one more party at shule tomorrow). Jason commented earlier in the day as cake preparation, crafts planning, wardrobe decisions, and decorations were being finalized that he was not sure who was more excited: me or Annikah! Confession: I love throwing kid’s parties. I love seeing Anni get so excited she asks everyday “how many more days til the party?” And on the day “how many more minutes?” I love the challenge of throwing a party with minimal expenses & resources but lots fabulous-ness! I remember as a kid not being able to sleep the day before a party or a field trip because you are THAT pumped. I want to give our children that feeling of being special, loved, and celebrated because they are. But I want them to always know it is not about “the stuff” it is about being together, being creative, celebrating, and thanking God. Ok, and eating. It was a special party!

We had friends over and the kids enjoyed crafts, reading a story together, a scavenger hunt ending with a little tree climbing to get the treasure from our backyard, singing, birthday cake, special prayer time, and presents (some sent all the way from the states- thanks to Bibis’).
The Barbie in the cake was sorta a disaster as the icing did not hold up well to the heat and I made the fateful decision to not add butter since we do not like the way the butter here tastes. Thus, the Barbie in the cake looked more like me most days: a girl melting in the heat. Sigh. That and I had very few of the “needed” pans, ingredients, and recommended kitchen fancies to make it work. But Annikah loved it nonetheless and that made it the best cake ever. She could see through the mess and did not miss the joy of having a special cake made just for her. And it tasted great so we all happily devoured melting Barbie’s dress despite her bedraggled appearance! I think the highlight was Anni’s wardrobe change halfway through the party. After the scavenger hunt we all came in for cake and Miss Anni transformed from “Island Ro” to “Princess Rosella” (totally her idea) as in the story. The first outfit was leftover fabric wrapped and tied with some flowers from outside. The second dress made by a local fundi was just stinkin’ awesome and for about 5 bucks we could swing it (seriously…anyone out there want specially made and designed princess dresses from here?:)) and thanks to a friend here I found real peacock feathers we fashioned to the back! She looked as sweet as she is. Our big 5 year old girl…

anni's 5th barbie island party 053.jpgedit

me & “Island Rho” after she was shipwrecked on a tropical island waiting for the guests to arrive

anni's 5th barbie island party 059.jpgedit

craft time

bday collage

party favors for everyone in coconut shells, clues for the games, and said pathetic cake


the scavenger hunt included everyone crossing the “ocean” with the help of 2 dolphins


…painting shells to decorate the castle, gathering fruit, and mixing special “tonic” to save the animals (trust me it is all in the story:)


blowing out the candles on Mama’s sad but yummy attempt at a Barbie cake

anni's 5th barbie island party 082.jpgedit

how fun is opening presents?

anni's 5th barbie island party 087.jpgedit

Happy Barbie Island Princess Party to Anni Joy!
  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't know this Barbie story, but it is obvious Anni knows it down to every detail. You really went all out. Luckliy, you live on an island. Barbie in the mountains skiing would be harder to pull off. Her dress was beautiful. Can't believe how old she looks now. And Evy is getting hair! Your cake looked much better than the one I made for Mel here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Darling!!! Everything! Such a fun, thought-out, well-planned party! You're such a great mama!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That cake is AWESOME….going to make great memories. Sometimes the imperfect is much better, just think how much fun she'll have lookin' at these pictures and that cake when she's 16 OR even better when she's a mom and her cake doesn't turn out exactly right. I love it;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know, Kiersten saw the picture of the cake and said, “I wish I had that cake.”So Barbie Island princess cake was a total success! Yay for birthdays and little princesses who are loved. <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    So fun!! Your party-planning skills leave most of us in the dust, even though we have the benefit of the dollar store!! Looks like everyone had fun, including Mika šŸ˜‰ Yay for 5 year olds!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I missed this post, but the getup is something else! Anni is so flamboyant! I love that girl!!! Looks like a wonderful day and for the record, I think that Barbie cake is the bomb. I was lame next to you for G's bday !!! šŸ˜‰