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The last day of Eid was yesterday and we partied. Hard. And we are tired. Exhausted but blessed. We spent time with friends, ate pilau and cakes for every meal, visited, and went to the parties in town. The celebration in town is a crush of people in brightly colored new clothes celebrating, buying new cheap Chinese import toys set out on mats along the road, eating goodies like octopus, fries, urojo soup (yum!), sweets, kids playing, and everyone vying for very few spots to sit. It is complete chaos AND it is the place to be.

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Evy makes a friend

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and then decides she wants to take a bath…with an audience of course!

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lunch with dear friends…

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at the festival in town..

waiting in line for the slide

except this little girl who got many passes from women who thought her Mzungu self was adorable and lifted her up over and over again

Eid 2011 was a good one folks.

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