Eid Mubarak!! It is Eid y’all…..endless eating, cakes and sweets wrapped in newspaper and brought around to all your friends and neighbors, wearing new clothes, celebrating, eating (did I already mention that?) sharing and visiting…oh the visiting…. here is a little taste of Eid on our island….

The day started with breakfast in bed for one Miss Anni Joy who turned 5!!! (Party to come after the chaos cools)

Eid siku 1 002.jpgedit

many watoto coming to show off new clothes and shamelessly beg for candy and money (a totally acceptable thing on siku kuu) and I am a sucker for these faces…

Eid siku 1 020.jpgedit
Eid siku 1 023.jpgedit
henna is a must for all ladies….
henna 005.jpgedit
then there is epic baking…this year I decided this island was ready for chocolate chip cookies…we shall see…..

baking for eid.jpgedit

all these gifts brought by and it is only 10 am!!!

Eid siku 1 063.jpgedit

wrap up baked goods and dress in your Eid best….

Eid siku 1 058.jpgedit

first stop our Baba & Mama of the island…they had to see “their grandchildren”

Eid siku 1 036.jpgedit

A friend gave Evy this little get up and she loved sporting the bling. Anni’s new dress did not quite make the dala dala trip back to our house by the time we left but she decided to spiff up her outfit with the shungi. We never ask the girls the wear head coverings but they love the attention they get (not to mention the coins and candy….Anni is rich!) Oh, the fancy of it all….but it lasted about 15 minutes šŸ™‚

Eid siku 1 056.jpgedit

all dressed up and still chasing chickens…

Eid siku 1 051.jpgedit

ahhh…. the dirt…..

Eid siku 1 060.jpgedit
being together and celebrating friendship…and eating
Eid siku 1 071.jpgedit

off to see more friends (with a quick stop off at home for reloading our mkoba with more sweets & gifts & because Anni’s dress made it!)

Eid siku 1 079.jpgedit

pretty fancy huh?

Eid siku 1 091.jpgEDIT

but no matter how fancy the dress the girls cannot bear to stay clean for too long….

Eid siku 1 089.jpgEDIT

friends are eveywhere and digging in the dirt is too hard to resist…

Eid siku 1 068.jpgedit

and the grown folk sit and talk and eat (again) for a long while….

Eid siku 1 100.jpgEDIT

time to head back..but we run into another friend who invites us to his home…it is siku kuu how can we refuse?

Eid siku 1 108.jpgEDIT

plus, they have ducks & chickens…that keeps 2 tired girls busy while we visit…getting dark and everyone is heading out to party in town so we say our goodbyes and thank yous and blessings…

Eid siku 1 110.jpgedit

we stop off at home first because a friend is waiting to visit and exchange gifts…we all hang out a while and then Anni and Papa head into town on the piki piki for some more partying. Evy and I hang back with my friend. What a day…3 more like this one to go!
Eid Mubarak!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I get tired and hot just reading about it! Looks like you're having fun, though!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eid Mubarak! and HaPpY BiRtHdAy Anni!!