Evy Imani has a favorite location in town. It is a coffee house that we happen to love as well but Evy is very well known there and shameless in her quest for treats. Let me explain how things go down…..we walk in and as soon as she hears the women that work there greet us she starts kicking me to get untied from my back (her usual walking in town locale). She then proceeds to run to the women and give kisses, ask to be picked up, and answers all their Kiswahili questions with affirming grunts and then puts her little hand out to request food. And it always works. Her shameful begging for treats results in cookies, small chocolate brownies, and many women snuggling and lovin’ on her shameless self. Girl knows how to work it for sure and she is spoiled every time.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just love that little face! of course she can get whatever she wants. Bibi is wrapped around her finger half a world away!

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA! People in Turkey spoil children, too. I love how she knows to milk it up. Take it when you can get it is what I always say. šŸ™‚