I am NOT knocked up: don’t worry. Although this post left many folks confused and I will blog about the latest on our adoption soon (because I have felt pregnant with anticipation for almost a year …just minus the constant puking and getting fat)! OK, now that that is out of the way I can discuss the MANY foods we miss soooo much from home. You see we Americans know how to eat and we sorta take it seriously, food is like a national past time. Not the best for our waistlines I admit and our family definitely eats more organic and healthy here because we have no choice but every once in a while a deep dish pizza or a date with a drive through just sounds plain amazing. Some of the foods we miss the most are: chips and salsa, cookies, coffee treats, chicken…dear chicken, anything Mexican, peanut butter cups, real pizza, asparagus, mushrooms, sausage, etc, etc, etc. Seriously I could go on. We are foodies. Cheap and bootleg ones but still: foodies none-the-less.

Well, I was jonesing for the Samoa girl Scout cookies for weeks and finally decided to see if we could swing this recipe. And it worked! We had a very special occasion to celebrate (more soon) so it was the perfect time to try it out. Well, after I enlisted/ drafted helpers and we burned the first batch of caramel (stinky!!) our hard work paid off and we enjoyed sweet, sweet success! We made the caramel, used freshly grated coconut, and took great care dipping and drizzling. They are not the prettiest but they amazingly yummy out of the fridge! And yummy is all that counts in this house.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so ridiculously impressed by you. Nice work. Love to all your sweet fam!