A bit late I might add but that is how I roll on most things. Plus, I am still getting used to the”rules” so these are not taken every hour but hey….I am slow…what can I say? Still, I think it is a fun way to share our day.
vbs day 2, evy wake up 024.jpgedit
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jessus decor, vbs day 1 with Ginger 020.jpgedit
jessus decor, vbs day 1 with Ginger 006.jpgedit
1. wake-up call (sporting the boo boo she acquired yesterday face planting outside…cement is rough..pole! )
2. getting my briad on….she actually did a pretty good job with my Mzungu hair although everyone laughed when I teared up (it hurts!!)
3. a little uneven but not bad
4. helpers sorting beans for tomorrow
5. after nap glow
6. daily chores
7. pure silliness
8. welcome reunion with our fav ice cream joint
9. old and new…precious
10. besties up too late
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