…..can stand on her own?
evy with glasses, nassir in tank 015.jpgedit
Yep, Miss Evy Imani can stand for about 5 seconds (I have not managed to capture this yet on film and our video is busted so these adorable pics will have to suffice). This morning she pulled herself up on a table and proceeded to open a glue stick and EAT it! (well, not all of it, I am not that inattentive of a mama:) Then she let go long enough to clap for herself on a job well done. Once she starts walking there will be no end to her destructive ways….be afriad be very afraid……
Hamisi; Simai Visit 001.jpgedit
And can I just say Annikah is beautiful. And not in a little chubby baby girl kinda way. *Sniff*
Evy stands, anni in her room 062.jpgedit
My girls. They are amazing.

*in other nonrelated to the cutness of my girls but also important news: the election results were finally announced last night. The spilt was within one point and although there were some gatherings and chaos in town it amounted to some rock throwing, hollering, and the guard doing a sweep through the market in a “we can kick your butts” show of force. The only bummer for us was lots of lost sleep due to the crazy noise outside last night. The power sharing deal is seeming to hold up at least at this point and although there were many moments when it seemed as though things could get hairy things are now getting back to normal! Yeah, and thank you to all who joined us in praying for peace on our island.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Both girls are sooo big, and beautiful! I love the stylin' Miss Anni pose. She could be a model again, if she was in Chicago! Glad the elections went by peacefully. Our election is today. Already voted, and hoping to celebrate tonight. If not, you won't know the country when you get back, and the girls will be in debt for thousands already.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, what wonderful pictures! Such amazing grand daughters we have . . . oh, how I want to get my hands on them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    awesome pics… but the big q is whose harley davidson glasses miss E is wearing?! a biker chic in the making!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    those glasses are these cheap immitations we found in the container that quickly became Anni's play glasses- have no idea why they were in there but EVy is THAT hardcore!