fish. Lots of life here revolves around the sea and all it provides. Many people rely on the sea for their livelihood and their methods of fishing with very little ‘supplies’ are pretty rock on. Old fishermen with their rough hands knock on our gate to sell their catch from the morning. Young guys along the road have octopi (is that the plural…even if not it is too fun:) on long sticks for perusal and sale. Men ride bikes with banana-leaf baskets stuffed with huge fish folded in half all the way to market each day. On an island fish matter.

The fish market is amazing. In the gross, stinky, raw, dirty, stuff of real life way. We always pass it when on our way to buy veggies and today I jumped of the piki piki long enough to snap a few pictures before I looked like too mach of a tourist (too late). Still, it was worth it to capture a few shots of the fish market (oh, how I wish these pictures were scratch and sniff). Karibu soko la samaki…

halloween and around town, fish market, door 006.jpgedit
some huge rays about to get cut up and sold by the kilo
halloween and around town, fish market, door 008.jpgedit
halloween and around town, fish market, door 009.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    I still remember the smell! Cleanliness is not one of their virtues.