it pours.. or at least it did today! We woke up to fabulously loud rain on our tin covered roof. It was so loud we had to shout just to hear each other at breakfast. I decided that it was just too awesome to NOT “sing in the rain” and after telling an eager Annikah we could romp in the rain we did just that. After about 15 minutes playing outside I was cold! COLD people! Here! That is BIG, like worthy of noting on this blog (although as avid readers know it does not take much to make that list). We took a cold shower (still no hot water because of aforementioned dead something in our tank) and changed clothes.
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KV foundation and rain and halloween 033.jpgedit
KV foundation and rain and halloween 038.jpgedit
KV foundation and rain and halloween 044.jpgedit
KV foundation and rain and halloween 049.jpgedit
KV foundation and rain and halloween 036.jpgedit
The rain eventually died down but not before flooding our driveway. Still our hopes of a quiet morning were dashed when my neighbor came over to greet us ten minutes after the rain stopped šŸ™‚ but other than that we had a mostly quiet and uneventful day. We realized it was Halloween around noon and asked Anni what she wanted to “be” (we added that she could only pick from her dress up clothes basket…but I made it sound much more fun than that). After riffling through every shiny and bling thing she owned she finally decided on Ariel but “only in pink.” Swimsuit top, a tail, and some hasty (b/c of Miss Evy trying to eat it) finger paint on her face and arm Anni was ready. We explained that going door to door would really only serve to confuse the heck out of our neighbors since they do not have Halloween and while we enjoy a good excuse to don costumes and get free candy we would definitely not want to try to export such a weird holiday. Nope, we would trick or treat inside. We have better treats anyway šŸ™‚ Anni then grabbed a purse and stood outside every door in our house (except 2 since I ran out of goodies) and knocked and then when greeted by either me or J said a hardy and enthusiastic “Trick or Treat!” Well, full disclosure first she just said “hoodi” and “I’m a mermaid” but after some quick schooling in proper American kid etiquette she was all over the “trick or treat.”
KV foundation and rain and halloween 053.jpgedit
KV foundation and rain and halloween 055.jpgedit Trick or Treat!
KV foundation and rain and halloween 063.jpgedit
Evy sported the ANYTHING but culturally appropriate pig mask while Anni perferred the tiger one she got in her goodie bag. All in all it was a quiet but good Halloween and it was apparently a big hit as Anni asked at bed time “Mama, please can we trick or treat tomorrow?”

Despite our rain romping and valiant Halloween efforts a power outage made the temp inside our house rise to unbearably hot in a matter of minutes and we were all feeling yuck. Evy was crabby mostly due to a nasty snotty nose and hardly slept at all making our voluntary inprisonment in our house due to the elections unbearable by 3 pm. We seriously decided even if there were angry mobs and riots outside that would still be better than 2 whiny kids trapped in a hot house! Luckily, it was actually very quiet out on the streets and we were able to make an escape to our team leader’s house for some adult convo while the kids played. The only “mob” we saw was a bunch of eager and excited young guys playing football but there are still a few days we need to hold up here (I’m praying for creativity:)
Happy Halloween to all you ‘Merican types!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have fond memories of last year's Halloween – all of the grandkids trick or treating together!! We had an adorable Mario, Luigi, and little brown bear stop at our house tonight . . . from just down the street. Wish Ariel and Miss Piggy could have been with the group!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember that rain. How fun to dance in it. We had no trick or treaters. After driving home we took gma to the movies. Our election is tomorrow. Hope we can save America.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOVE the rain photos…so happy to be wet! Can't believe you actually were cold too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    that rain is crazy! looks fun though!

  5. Anonymous says:

    that rain is crazy! looks fun though!