anni singing to evy videos 001.jpgedit
I have been a slacker in posting videos mostly because I have been a slacker in taking videos! Every little thing Anni did I swear I had the camera at the ready. Pole for Evy she is definitely a second born but I did recently make 2 videos…both involving singing…

Almost every time Evy hears music she claps and every night before bedtime Anni chooses a song from repertoire and sings to Evy who responds with the utmost excitement and glee by vigorous feet kicking and hand clapping. It pretty much melts my heart. every time. Here it is ….And that is Miss A burping at the end. So my child.

The second video was made after Miss Annikah announced “Mama we sing a song about my butt at school!” After spitting out a little of my iced coffee I inquired further and realized it was yet again a botched Tanzania version of an English song. This time Skip to My Lou….

*In other unrelated news…..Jason posted some reflections on his time in the shamba and some other exciting happenings here on our family blog. If you need the info for it (or lost it) just email me or J. I also linked to an interesting article today.

Ok…back to the chaos around here..happy chaos to be sure….

  1. Anonymous says:

    they are the cutest ever!!! anni is looking WAY grown up! her hair is so adorable. and evy is just presh!!!! miss you!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm lovin' these videos! So cute to see the girls interact. They are both so adorable! XXXOOO to my grand daughters!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the coloring picture that I just received of the girls posted in this entry! Love, Bibi PS For some reason it won't accept my password????