On Sunday afternoon we were at the point were NEEDED to get out. You know those days where the kids are beyond antsy and/or crabby (me too!) and you are totally out of creative ideas. Or just too tired to think at all. We decided to break out. The problem is that there only a limited number of things we can do with kids here. And the tide times made our constant fall back: the beach, an impossibility. So we headed out to run a few errands and promised Anni we would also get some “chipis” (fries) on the way back if she was a good girl. Hey, I said it was a bit desperate.

We hit the market to search for a wooden pole we needed to construct a curtain-ish door to keep light from flooding into a certain 9 month old’s room and thus hopefully keep her in bed 20 minutes longer in the mornings (I really need those 20 minutes). As we were leaving Jason spotted a kid’s play area across from the market. This has been here a while and I had taken Anni once when Jason was in Asia but it looked MUCH better. Like it got a “Pimp my Playground” makeover. Looked like a shipment from China of blow up bouncy things, swings, and even a big airplane with slides (maybe leftovers from Eid- whatever we’ll take it! ). We quick made a U-Turn and headed over. 500 shillings (about 30 cents) got Miss Anni in and she was ecstatic! She got her bracket ticket on, frolicked in, and yelled “Thank you God for here!” Anni was wearing her play clothes that were completely covered in dust and dirt from a day of playing outside with Lusi. She totally stood out (not only cuz she was the only Mzungu) but because all the other kids were dressed in their best. Dirty Mzungu kid but hey that is how we roll most days and could not pass up a playground!! We also had a pretty broke down and bootleg but use able stroller we brought off a family leaving the island for 5 bucks. Evy loved being pushed around and watching all the chaos around her. Anni ran from place to place (they even had a little eletric train! We had a blast and we were so thankful for an unplanned but absolutely fabulous family find!!
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We will be back for sure! Yeah for fun watoto stuff!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great! Next time we will join you. Is it only open at the we-end or every day?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad Anni doesn't show her excitement. Lol. She should be an actress in a commercial for them. Oh, how wonderful a child's shear joy is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a baraka! šŸ™‚