Yesterday’s party almost never happened. Anni came home from school saying she was sick and her tummy hurt. Major bummer on the day of her big party. I knew she was really not feeling well when she headed straight to bed and fell right asleep. So after assuring her we could do her party another day I called the parents of the girls that were planning on coming and cancelled. It was weird that she was so suddenly not feeling well since I taught at Anni’s school as usual yesterday morning and she danced and had a blast like she was fine. I though maybe she ate something un-safi and her tummy was not having it. No party. Major bummer. But after a couple hours she woke up and said she was fine and “Jesus make me better” and that she REALLY REALLY wanted to have her shindig. So we called everyone and after about 10 minutes we were back on. A bit last minute which required some frosting as fast as lightening and recruiting some watermelon cutters but hey we made it work. So 7 little girls celebrated in style last night Miss Anni’s 4th Birthday!

I managed to take about 3 pictures of the whole thing but luckily a friend captured the event on her camera (thanks Doro!) and as soon as I get them uploaded I will post them for the Bibi-types out there šŸ™‚ For now, here are the invitations Anni made for each family (pretty cute if you ask me! Anni said they are “myself being 4 with a dress and curly hair”)
eng muffins, martin stickers, play outside 005.jpgedit
Lusi and Anni also made napkin holder rings out of toilet paper tubes and extra fabric from the curtains in Anni’s room (she was hilarious when she saw me cutting it she exclaimed “Mama, are those my curtains? I like them in my room please do not cut them up!!”).
bday at shule 002.jpgedit
Of course these were needed for the tea party.
Annis 4th Party 002.jpgedit
Glitter is still covering the floor from the swooshing of fairy skirts, new gifts are being played with as I type, and the wadudus had a blast last night with all the crumbs. Sure signs of a smashing shrehe (party)!

*Pole for Anni as she is still a bit sick. After some mid night crying and fever we tested for and ruled out malaria and this morning she seems to be feeling better. We are watching her closely and she does not seem to mind at all as she is playing with all her new Bday presents. She is in the living room right now coloring a princess castle! She also mentioned AGAIN today “mama, I do not think my legs are 4 yet” šŸ™‚

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I'm so glad you were able to do the party. It looked like it was so much fun. Happy 4th birthday Anni! šŸ™‚