here is a glimpse in pics of our 4th Birthday girl’s shrehe yesterday….

making our princess crowns…
Annis 4th Party 071.jpgedit
everyone gets their fairy skirts on (what they arrived would just not do for this swanky party)
Annis 4th Party 079.jpgedit
all the fairy princesses…even the littlest one was jazzed up
Annis 4th Party 087.jpgedit
the tea party begins…
Annis 4th Party 101.jpgedit
Anni’s face when Papa was praying for her…so sweet
Annis 4th Party 108.jpgedit
Annis 4th Party 106.jpgedit
yummy…fairy juice (which makes me giggle when you think that it could imply it is made out of actual fairies…but I assure you no fairies were harmed in the making of this Kool-Aid
Annis 4th Party 113.jpgedit
the littlest fairy princess knew what she wanted…and she was determined
Annis 4th Party 142.jpgedit
got it!!
Annis 4th Party 145.jpgedit
all the girls got fairy princess face paint and “henna” (don’t you love that anything can become “princess fairy______” with the right intonation? For example we had “princess fairy tattoos, princess fairy cupcakes, princess fairy juice…” we were serious about our theme y’all!
Annis 4th Party 140.jpgedit
reading the 12 Dancing Princesses- African version- thanx Auntie Jorie!
Annis 4th Party 164.jpgedit
after the story the princesses had to help me search for the missing shoes…(J hid around our house) They did a great job helping the queen recover the shoes and then traded the completed pairs for their goodie bags!
Annis 4th Party 181.jpgedit
Anni had lots of help opening her presents
Annis 4th Party 195.jpgedit
I LOVE this face…”what the heck…you got me medicine?” No worries, it was just the box…cute earrings inside
Annis 4th Party 191.jpgedit
Anni and Lusi show off their “henna” and light up ring (thanks Bibi)
Annis 4th Party 003.jpgedit
Lusi’s mama made these 2 dresses for Annikah..I adore them!
with dresses Mama mika made, castle,shule kids 001.jpgedit
Evy was pretty darn cute in her skirt..
Annis 4th Party 208.jpgedit
After it was all over I asked Annikah what her favorite part was and she said without hesitation that she loved searching for the shoes with everyone and me acting like a “silly queen.” How funny that out of all cakes, candy, gifts, face paint, etc that her favorite part was me acting like a frazzled queen who had lost 12 shoes. pretty sweet though.
Thanks everyone who came and everyone who sent Bday wishes & goodies!

The African Fairy Princess Party (that was pink) was a blast.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like all well that ends well. Evy was so cute in her skirt. Can't believe she's crawling and standing up. The crowns turned out well. Glad the rings and necklaces worked too . Anni looked happy but hot. Did she still have fever?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've been anxiously awaiting the party post – great reading to start my day! I love that you made an Evy-sized skirt for her, too. DARLING! I'm all about party themes – great job with that. And the hidden shoes was such a good idea after the story!! Sounds like a huge success!! Happy, happy birthday, sweet Annikah!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done! Three cheers for Queen Rox and Princess Anni! šŸ™‚ very cute and creative. Looks like a very fun party. I'm so glad Anni was feeling well enough to party like a rock star.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you know I read these posts out of order and looking at a pic of Anni at her party I thought she looked a bit peeky. Glad she could power through cupcakes & koolaid – what a trooper! Happy b-day Ms. A! And eve you are rock'n the black dress fairy skirt baldy baby comando look!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi Roxanne! I got your email on my blog and figured I would just reply to you here. The header on my blog is a picture (jpg) i made and then uploaded. I usually do one each season or so with newish pics… I did it in picasa, but I think any photo program would let you do it. I made a collage, arranged the photos I wanted in the cropped it to be a horizontal longer file, and then uploaded that one to the blog. hope this helps!

  6. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love these pics, Rox! Looks like some things are what they are no matter where šŸ™‚ Evy is getting so big (and can I say I LOVE her in her fairy skirt?)! I can't believe the girls are FOUR!