Annikah woke up this morning, got dressed as usual, and sat down to eat at the table.
The next few minutes went something like this:
Anni: “Mama, I do not think I am really 4.”
Me: “Why do you say that?”
Anni: “Because I woke up again and STILL my legs do not touch the floor!”
She said it with obvious disappointment that her legs had not grown 2 feet in length overnight. I assured her that many 4 years old’s legs still do not reach the floor and that luckily that was not a qualification or prerequisite for being 4. Where does she get this stuff?
legs not reaching 002.jpgedit
In other birthday news…
Last night at shule we had the second of what we are calling a week of “Anni’s Bday festivities.” I made cupcakes for all the watoto at shule and after we finished our lesson I brought them out as a surprise much to every one’s delight. And I kid you not about 10 more watoto showed up out of nowhere! How in the heck they know that Mama Anni baked keki is beyond me but after some careful cutting everyone got a little piece. I gave each one of them foil to take their cakes home since some of them are fasting and I said we would show respect for those that could not eat and take our cakes home but they all insisted that Anni cut her cake and feed someone before they left. It is like it is not an official birthday until you do this. Of course Anni picked Lusi and everyone sang and cheered them on and then ran home with sugary cake wrapped in foil just in time for sunset and the breaking of the fast meal. Fun day at shule! 2 celebrations down…African Fairy Princess Party this afternoon! Alas, more baking and less blogging for me!
bday at shule 006.jpgedit
bday at shule 012.jpgedit


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