just an excuse to post some cute pics of my girls I took this week. Have I mentioned they are just adorable?
students from shule 064.jpgedit
evy 6 months with e shirt 004.jpgedit
Evangeline is now 6 months old!! We go to the mainland next week for her check up and to see how much she weighs and to get her shots (pole!). She just seems to have grown overnight and in these pics is wearing an adorable one-sie a friend made for her.
evy 6 months with e shirt 010.jpgedit
she is very good at rolling over and loves to chew on her toes (which a friend here told me means she will walk late) we shall see…
mirror, sisters, reid adn justin 016.jpgedit
she is such a happy baby…many times I do not even know she is awake after her nap because she will just hang out laughing and “talking” to herself in her bed. Everyone here always says “akafurahi” She is so happy! Yep, I agree, she is super sweet! I LOVE this stage!
kids outside selling fish 003.jpgedit
Annikah hanging out and teaching her friends to make funny faces
kids outside selling fish 008.jpgedit
kids outside selling fish 002.jpgedit
Anni with her ‘adopted’ siblings (they play together everyday!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    So cute, I could just hug them off the page. Evy is very happy. After almost killing you, she owes you. Keep those pics coming. I framed Anni's art, and stuffed the pillow. Heading to the lake soon. Rich and Katy just took train to C. Taste, crossbow classic and gay pride parade are all this weekend. They just want to go to the zoo. Mom