Annikah LOVES to play house or nymbani. Anything can be a house….her room, under her net in her bed, our front porch, under the table, couch, pretty much anywhere you can define a space can be the new Nymbani Kwake (her house) and there are several rules one must follow when entering Anni’s house. First, you must always approach with a loud “Hoodi” and wait until you hear the “Karibu” before going in. Second, you must eat what is offered to you which usually means a plastic banana, cup of tea, carrot, or the like. And third, you must comment of the yumminess of said plastic food and then take a nap. The other day I heard Anni hollering “Mama, come to my new house” from somewhere in the kitchen and I could not figure out where she was. I finally opened the pantry door and this is what I saw (she dragged her bedding in there and managed to move all tubs containing flour, sugar, etc and climbed up there by herself). I just had to take this picture complete with a scolding for not saying Hoodi. She is serious about her rules.
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