Who knew you could be famous for being…well a Mzungu. A mzungu that lives and works here and speaks Kiswahili (often butchering it but still trying the best she can). After hearing children holler “Mama Annikah” in other neighborhoods Jason confirmed that my ‘quest for island domination’ has begun. Seriously, how do those kids even know who I am? It really is funny and also reaffirms that we cannot do anything without everyone knowing our business. I actually might get a big head about it if it wasn’t for the fact that it is entirely impossible for me to take myself too seriously. That and mostly I am well known for my ridiculous escapades (the latest of which was trying to teach the kids at shule “Old MacDonald” and snorting like a pig).

Recently my celebrity status got me an invite to a friend of Jason’s event last weekend. He asked me to come and be a guest of honor and speak at an event for the students in his foundation. He has started a tourist company (that is cool since most tourist companies here are run by foreigners) and then also started this foundation to help local kids improve their performance in school (doubly cool). English is a big part of what they study and so he asked me to come and listen to them speak and ask them some questions. After sitting and listening to “How are you?” and “I am fine” for about an hour I got a chance to ask some questions and speak with the kids. They were very excited I had come and the whole thing was videotaped for use in promoting the program (which gave me a little chuckle to think I was a “token” white person). After we were finished I was ready to head home (and Evy was ready like 20 minutes previous) but before we could go he asked us to take pictures. I was thinking maybe a few shots of the group. No, I sat in a chair while every single student came up and sat next to me for their chance to get a picture with the Mzungu. They actually cheered when he announced that they would all get a picture with me. I honestly felt like I should be asking them if they were good little boys and girls and what did they want for Christmas? It was hilarious. Luckily, all the attention from the kids kept an overtired Evy happy until the epic photo session was over and after many thank yous and goodbyes we were off. Back to my non-celeb, dishing washing, diaper changing life. It was fun while it lasted.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    How funny would it be to find out they are selling pictures of you with them, or something. First you are the token white person in the wedding photos, and now this. Too funny.