It is really bordering on sinful that it has taken over a week for us to get to the beach since it is about 3 minutes from our house. Yesterday we repented and snagged some family time swimming in the ocean and soaking in the sun. The ocean is magnificent here. Honestly one of God’s amazing gifts.

This is how Evy felt about her first time swimming in the Indian Ocean and the magically healing properties of the salt water also seemed to heal her heat rash a lot. Either that or that she was just NOT sweating for a couple hours. That does wonders for me.

Anni enjoyed trying out all her new sand toys

Ah, the ocean water on a sweltering day
  1. Anonymous says:

    Who took the pics? Why wasn't Evy wearing one of her little suits I got her? Glad you all enjoyed the cool water. It is beautiful, for sure!