We have heard pole sana for Evy too many times to count in the last few days. I mentioned my love for this phrase before but in short it means “sorry for you” or in my more inappropriate ‘Merican “sucks to be you.” It is a great phrase and VERY needed here as it seems pole-sana-able moments come often from my observations. Post Office closed every time you show up to pick up a package, clean laundry falls in the mud when the line breaks, rotten meat of veg bought in town, ….I could go on….. Miss Evy is getting them heartily the last few days because the poor baby has an ear infection. We suspected it when she was pulling on her ears. Well, that added to screaming for an entire night. We probably got about 2 hours of sleep on Sunday night(pole sana for all of us!). These are the times I soo miss the ease of the West and the access to medical care. These are also the moments I feel like a terrible mother (self talk ie. “I brought her here and now she is sick with no Dr., etc.) But we are super blessed to know a Canadian/American family here and the wife is a nurse. They have come to our rescue on multiple occasions. This family is SUCH a blessing to us. First of all it always helps to have another person confirm your suspicions and to have another Mama who understands (she is not only a nurse (which here almost means Dr.) but she also has 5 kids so she is a wealth of knowledge). She took one look with the scope and handed us some medicine she keeps on hand to treat the kids at her and her husband’s school here. We ended up staying for a few hours chatting with them and catching up and we were so enjoying the time that they even invited us to stay for dinner! Awesome people! As an aside say a prayer for them as they are dealing with a really difficult situation (too many details to divulge here) but their awesome primary school is in danger of having to close even though the community loves it and through it many kids have been blessed. Ok, back to Evy’s pole sana……so in addition to her heat rash and ear infection she also has a WICKED nasty diaper rash so the poor kiddo has been pretty miserable which also equals a trying time for all of us since we have been very busy. She is on the mend though (Drugs rule!!) and even went along for a meeting at our school yesterday and enjoyed some visiting with us today. Pole sana dear little girl.

Anni gives some TLC

feeling better..what a cutie!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    She is sooo cute. Love the pic of her asleep on you. Reminds me of one of you asleep on me. One of my favorite pictures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    think the cure for diaper rash in the heat is no diaper at all. lay her out on a towel and a kanga and she's golden.