I guess it has been over a week since we arrived back home but it seems to have flown by with adjusting, lack of sleep, visiting, and getting reacquainted with our team and life here. We also had no power for a couple days and I was hurting…makes me realize I am so grateful we were stateside during the 3 month blackout. We had lots of visitors and did lots of visiting and we are tired. As I type there is a lovely loud rainstorm pounding down outside which, although may foil our plans of finally hitting the beach later today, should also mean at least an hour or so of quiet around here. Here is a recap of our week via pics……

even if there is no power the guys with ice cream carts still have cold ice cream…Yeah! Anni is sharing some much needed time & treats with her friends from our team

We had to see the progress on the Vocational Training Centre-here is inside the school courtyard…looks great, huh? compare to the last pics I posted of the inside
looking towards the street from the school…check out all the pretty plants and flowers. I guess some rogue cows have been munching and destroying them which resulted in our team leader locking one naughty cow IN the school courtyard (the owner of said cow was not particularly thrilled about this solution).

the front of the school…painted & almost (knock on wood) ready!!!

many more friends stopped over to see mtoto mchanga

lots more visiting & giving out American zawadis (gifts)

Mama Fatima (who was incredibly disappointed we did not name the baby after her but forgave us after giving her her gift) giving Evy the local look. All babies get these dark eyebrows with a pencil. She looked HILARIOUS! (we also quickly washed it off during bath time šŸ™‚
lots of visiting means lots of eating! People have also loved that we are now “nenepa” or fat. I love a culture where you get mad props for gaining weight:) Seriously most of of females friends have said that I look so much better now that I am not sick and I have gotten rave “hongeras” (congrats) for putting on a few pounds. I love it!

catching up with friends

a friend shows off her new curtains & home makeover since we left
sisters just chillin’ (or trying to in the crazy heat)
Evy is always adorned with various toys from Anni’s collection if we are not on constant watch

passed out in her new diapers

more rafikis visit

trying out the sling friends sent (Thanks!)on a trip to town

  1. Anonymous says:

    It's still so SURREAL from this side to see you guys back!! We just booked our tix this week: June 5. You look like you're doing great. The training center looks AMAZING!! Praying for allllllll the transitions! xo- The Arensen crew.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for your safe return to your home, and the continual love you find there.You are in my prayers.love,Karen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures. Boy, have you been busy. All I've done is take Dip to the dog park and work. Evy looks huge, and still can't believe Anni's curly hair.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anni's hair curled right back up! I love the photo of Evey on the pillow with two hands up (sure sign she's out like a like). Glad you arrived safe and sound. You look fabulous.