her girlfriend. Anni has one. Her name is Lucy and she and her older brother and Mother and father live on our house grounds. Upon our return we learned that James and Mama Zawadi, and Zawadi had left for the mainland at least for a time (we think it has to do with his father being sick and their older daughter being there with grandparents). I miss them so much already but a new family is now living just outside our house and helping us with things around here (water, planting, guard, etc) and they have 2 children (and the Mama in pregnant again due in August). I had already met the Mama of the family a while back as she was friends with Mama Zawadi and Anni had played with the little girl a few times. She has an amazingly bright smile and is very kind. Well, now they live outside and Anni has a girl friend to play with just steps away and she is thrilled!! So far Lucy has learned dominoes, they have swung until dizzy together, eaten most meals on a mat and wooden stools outside, practiced their numbers in Kiswahili and English, and Anni even introduced Lucy to the fine art of dress up. Anni is one happy girl to have shoga yake just outside and we are sharing food and getting to know a new family too.

playing princess dominoes (thanks Bibi)

coloring together

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say 'hi' and congrats to you. I am a 'real life' friend of Laura Studee and somehow got linked here a few months ago. I love your blog!! I admire your little family and all that you are doing. Your daughters are beautiful and the pictures always make my heart smile. All the best to you! Welcome back 'home'. I'll keep reading!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad the dominos are being put to good use. I still remember playing them with her and Uncle Rob! Can't believe how curly her hair is there. She looks like Shirley Temple. Glad she has a new shoga yake to pass her days. Has she started school again yet? Did they like the new baby dolls?