We are now in Iowa and have celebrated 2 family Christmases in a week. That coupled with having a baby, driving 4 hours, and packing up more times than I care to think about it made for a crazy week. But in that chaos we are breathing in deeply the blessings of being with family. Probably for the only time in the next few Christmases. This year was so profoundly different than last year but is was no less special. Annikah loved Christmas and although we tried to keep things simple she got spoiled with gifts. We figure this is ok since next year she will get whatever fits in a priority shipping box from generous Bibis’ and Babus’. This year all things princess made her Christmas! She even retells us the Biblical story adding “then the princess came to see baby Jesus.” She is sure to add “Mama, this is a new story.” Sweet. We need to eventually work on her theology but sweet. We celebrated at my parent’s house and my grandparents joined us as well. We attended church on Christmas Eve and holding sleeping Evy on my chest while singing of the newborn Jesus’ birth nearly made me a blubbering idiot in the front row. Here are some pictures I want to treasure…..

Bibi and Evy

really does it get better than this face?opening one gift on Christmas eve getting ready for church…the boots were a necessity because of the crazy snow (on the wrong feet because Miss Anni put them on herself)
the man folk

my sister Katy makes Grandma’s apple pie
Christmas morning
It was like Disney threw up princess stuff EVERYWHERE but Miss Anni loved it!
joy in a package…she got her castle…..now we just have to figure out how to get it back to Africa

the beloved Ariel doll
  1. Anonymous says:

    Anni looks so much bigger just since she got here. She looks like a child now, not a baby anymore. Great pics, except for my fat self.:( Looked better when Anni was a baby.