We celebrated Christmas round 2 in Iowa this past week. The Engstrom clan kindly waited until we arrived for traditional Christmas dinner of Swedish meatballs, present opening, and family time. Again, we soaked it in as it will be our only Christmas with family for a couple years. Annikah loves hanging out with her cousins and they are pretty fond of her too. All the kids joined the adults this year at the dinner table and it was hilarious. First, because Rhoda had set the table so nicely with formal dinnerware and goblets, etc which impressed the kiddos (although they did not seem impressed enough to sit quietly:). It was sooo crazy and as we passed yummy food we could barely hear anything as everyone seemed to talk over everyone else. We all laughed because it was vastly different from just a few years ago but that is the blessing of many small kids in the house…wonderful chaos! We enjoyed great desserts and opened presents (Miss Anni added to her growing collection of princess paraphernalia including some major bling). It is freezing cold outside but in here with family it is pretty fabulous. Here are some pics of our family Christmas in Iowa…..

Justin, Annie, & Claire meet Evy chaotic dinner with kids


girly cousin love
Joel & Anni love Bibi!

Anni sports her new PJ’s & bling while Joel & Silas show off their Star Wars gear

Joel LOVED his bag-o-shells all the way from Africa!

our lil Evy!

J with his girls

fam pics

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures that I will treasure forever! I can hardly wait to meet you new beautiful girl!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone looks great! Especially you Rox. You got some color back. jason looks like he was punched in the eye. What up? New Dad syndrome? Poor guy (at least he doesn't have sore boobs). How are you adjusting? Are you eating like a truck driver?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures! Can't believe how open Evy's eyes are in the one pic. She looks bigger already. Have to admit bling is better than star war gear! Can't wait to have you all home again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful girls, Rox! Can't wait to meet Evy and see Anni again. She has gotten so big and gorgeous. xoxoxoxox