Being a big sister is an important gig and although Anni has had some rough moments of obvious acting out for attention she is pretty much a rockstar. She is very gentle and protective of her and wants to share her new toys with her ( I found her trying to shove a ring on Evy’s tiny fingers today:). She helps a ton, even bringing us the car seat before an outing (that thing is heavy!) and constantly tells everyone “Evangelini (her nickname for the baby) is the BEST.” Of course all adults reply with oodles of comments about how fabulous Annikah is as a big sister which she eats up. I had to post a few pictures and comments Anni has made in adjusting to her new role lest I forget them…..these moments are too sweet and need to be savored.
After I was done nursing Evy I explained “Anni, now I have to burp Evy.” To which she replied “you put her up like that and then you burp on her?” Well, not quite.

My mom got Anni a kid’s digital camera for a big sister present and Annikah LOVES taking pictures of everyone. In the hospital she was taking pictures of Evy but was a bit disappointed in her subject’s willingness to be cooperative. After snapping some pics she said “Mama, she don’t smile for my picture!!”

Anni also got a diaper bag for her baby and it included a small jar of baby food. While I was nursing Evy she announced “after I feed my baby the applesauce and peas then her gonna eat my boobies.” I swear I never told her that but she calls it like she sees it!

feeding her baby
nursing her baby…in Anni lingo “my baby eats my boobies”
meeting her sister in the hospital

sista love!

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an adventure sisterhood is! I was momentarily disappointed Addie wasn't a boy, but then thrilled she is a girl..The pictures of your girls-the new sisters-are beautiful. Gillian was so nervous the trip to meet Addie. Not sure what she expected, but she seemed glad that Addie was a human, and looked kinda like she thought she might. Anni will be a wonderful, loving sister. Though the trip to this point was miserable, you have given her such a gift! xoxoxox

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I love the “eats my boobies” comment! I think that's the best one I've ever heard; however, I also love that she thinks you're going to burp on Evy, hahah!Tell Anni that I think she's doing a fantastic job!