I thought Jason would be a great father when I married him and my hopes were confirmed the first time I turned the baby monitor up to listen in on him whispering “I love you” to 3 day old Annikah as he rocked her to sleep. Watching the man you love and share your life with love your children is amazing and only makes me fall deeper in love with him. He is now outnumbered around here 3 to 1 but he is such a great Papa to his girls. On Christmas he helped Miss Anni set up her beloved and much requested Princess castle (complete with a bath tub for Ariel) and then played with her for at least an hour. Princesses came and went in the carriage, Ariel took a bath and dried off, Princess Aurora got dressed and checked “to make sure she is pretty” in the mirror, Tiana took a carriage ride “to the play place at the mall,” and they generally enjoyed partying it up in the castle. Even though he would rather be building towering sky scrappers with Lego’s he makes playing princesses with Anni of the utmost importance. And that makes him a fabulous father.

Because I am often nursing Evy Jason and Anni have been playing together a ton and he took her “sledding,’ well he pulled her around the front yard of my parent’s house because the snow was irresistibly fluffy. Papa pulled Anni who was clad in borrowed snow gear through the front yard. She loved going fast until she was launched off the sled and face planted in the snow. Despite the stinging burn she begged to continue dashing through the snow. Precious time with her Papa….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tooooo cute! I often think that Sam would make a great dad to girls. It take s man with a big heart and a lot of patience. Clearly Jason is a great dad!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too was amazed at how well and long, and patiently Jason played princesses with Anni. However, Babu's snide remarks about one prince living in the castle with all those princesses was pretty funny too. Glad you found a man who is a better role model than dad.