Bibi has been helping us keep busy while we were waiting for Evy‘s arrival. She has been treating Anni to some special Bibi time while we rested, got work done, attended doctor appointments, and now take care of Evangeline. It is awesome to have support and for Anni she is loving the spoiling and extra attention (especially now that Babu, Uncle Rob, and Auntie Katy are around too).
Ever since we arrived from Africa Bibi had promised Annikah that she would take her to see the Princess and the Frog (new princess movie…and we all know how Anni feels about princesses)when it came out and Anni would frequently ask “when we go see that?” Well, Miss Anni’s big date with Bibi finally came last Friday and the two of them had a special outing complete with smuggled apple juice, Twizzlers, and Skittles to see the newest princess movie. It was pure bliss for Annikah.Thanks Bibi…you are the best!!!

Here are some pictures of some other adventures at Bibi’s house (some recent and some from a couple weeks ago)…..

after seeing the “new princess Tiana movie!”

making a snow angel in the front yard
Uncle Rob shows Anni how it is done
first snowman
kissing her “snow guy”
cookie decorating at a craft fair
that is one decorated cookie!

family outing for REAL Chicago style pizza

Anni loves Uncle Rob

Bibi & Auntie Katy helped Anni decorate her very own gingerbread house

Bibi gave up the battle with the frosting after a bit for time to hold baby Evy

the finished product…nice job Annikah!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    I miss you already, and you are still here, but I have to take Mom to the hospital before you will all get up, so see you next year.:(Have a great time and a safe trip to Iowa, but hurry home again….