Before returning to the states we sort of lusted after certain comforts we would enjoy once home. So far we have been able to enjoy a few of our favs. We hit Target, Trader Joe’s, and Costco (where we got a great deal on a new camera…exciting stuff and I will post pics as soon as I read the instruction manual and figure our how to actually take pics :), and other “Ge-nerica” favs. These past two have been vastly different than the lives we have been leading the past year and a half but I must say it is not as weird as I thought it would be and we are all enjoying the change of pace and surrounding.

It is fairly easy to be at least partially critical of one’s home country when you live there all your life. After all most thinking individuals can see that certain things have just gone a bit astray in our culture and like every culture we have missed the mark on some things. Especially being a history teacher I like to investigate, study, and reflect of the mistakes and triumphs of the past to see how we can move forward in making our nation even better than it is.
Living outside the U.S. for a time has made me realize that while those things are very true there are also soooo many amazing benefits to living in the states, so many things we miss, and so much that you cannot get anywhere but home. Darn it…makes me want to stand up and sing the national anthem, ok I will resist but we have missed some of our American favs. Of course we miss family and friends the most but this post will focus on the less important but monumentally fabulous favs we have missed, at least some of them (we have only been home 2 weeks and we shall get to more especially when I actually can enjoy eating:)). While I posted these pics (in record time…add Internet that works quickly to the list) I found myself humming “a few of the my favorite things” from Sound of Music. Feel free to join me in celebration of all that is excess, of all that is fast, of all that is immediate gratification, of all the selection, of all that is HUGE, and …..American…..we have missed it so!!

ridiculously HUGE sizes of everything…..

here we bask in the glory of gi-normous and free refills on fountain beverages!

cute fall and winter clothes!! & NOT sweating all day!

bizarre angle.. but Anni’s first ever movie theater experience!!

We saw Toy Story 3D! Thanks Bibi!
the mall!! With rides that work & also have safety features

and more Starbucks….They mistakenly gave us a Venti as we whizzed through the drive thru…no complaints here!

Target is exciting stuff!!! Anni cannot believe how much “stuff for kids they have”

ridiculous sizes of cheap cheese!!! Hallelujah!

the park! the park!!

there is sun here Anni!
a massive burger and too many fries…American portions rule! We found out they built a Five Guys in our old neighborhood in the city…Jason approves!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed. All of those things are great! I have not been to 5 guys, but I know J likes Alphie's in Glen Ellyn and they are the BEST! Welcome home sweet thang. I hope you can enjoy your favs only as you ingest them. Incubate! It's great to see you all!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am laughing so, so, so, hard, your post is hysterical!I have to go laugh for a few hours, before I can recapture being serious! I am so sorry I missed you in Illinois, but I know you are back for the birth os the second time around beautiful baby girl! Thank you for the constant joy! Love, Karen

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the reminder to appreciate all of these luxuries.